Taekwondo(korean Karate)

​Our 'Classical Taekwondo' is ​the most traditional of the styles we teach. Although to say we are 'traditional' in any way, is a little innacurate. because the Taekwondo we teach has been adapted and updated continually over the years. Modern training and coaching methods have helped to make this an exciting, enjoyable, challenging system to learn. We have both modern (street awareness, knife defence, gun defence, fitness) aspects to this style as well as the more old school (Kata [forms, patterns] basic blocks, kicking, punching and stretching) that has been part of Taekwondo since its creation. This class is for students of all ages from age 6 up to 99 respectfully, Individual students and families all welcome.

Little Dragons

This class is for students ranging from the age of 3.5 to 6 years old, although this class is geared towards teaching children as young as this taekwondo we understand that their attention span is quite limited, so as we teach them to punch and kick we also play games with them during class so as to keep their minds active, Helping them learn Respect for others as well as themselves, self confidence and self defence in a fun and friendly enviroment. 

Circuit Training

Circuit Training with a  level 2 reps fully qualified fitness instructor, on the 3 saturday of every month non members also welcome.

Personal Training

One to one private classes are also available with Sensei Mr andrew Meeson.